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Welcome to Official Website of Nigerian Postal Service (NIPOST) Postcash
Instant Money Transfer Online/Realtime, Domestic & International!



Cash 4 Africa Money Transfer Citigroup/NIPOST

Join more than 1.8m savers who have already decided to bank with Postbank Smart Save. Postbank Smart Save is a book based savings account. The minimum balance to maintain an account is R45.

* Domestic

* International

Cash4Africa (C4A) offers a cheaper, more efficient, more convenient and more secure web-based money transfer service. In addition, C4A will be launching our secured Visa card and Loyalty Smart Card, which will allow our customers to utilize this service to settle financial transactions in the various locations where we operate.

Our web-based service is supported by a network of extensive physical locations, owned and operated by agents located in Africa, the Caribbean, Europe, South America, Asia, Canada and the United States of America.


* Cash 4 Nigeria

* Global Money Transfer


International Financial System E-Shopping


* UPU(Universal Postal Union) Money Transfer (Int'l)

If you are looking for a flexible and affordable way to transfer money internationally

Transactions are made over Post Office counter Terminals in over 1200 Post Office nationawide.



NIPOST Postcash E-Shopping Portal is still under development.

E-Banking Utilities Services


* Union Bank Money Line

* Post Office Cash Card

* Micro Finance

* Insurance Premium

* Data Transfer

For individuals who would like to benefit for a better return on investment.


* Bills Payment

* Pension Payment

* School Fees payment




We reach where others cannot reach

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